Company History

Sam Katz and Ewald Bierbaum met in 1956. Shortly after they began building houses and duplexes as Katz & Beirbaum Construction.

In 1957, they renamed their business to ESAM. At this point they began to expand their horizon and started building 3 story walkups in the city of London.

Between 1957-1989 they built a total of 4,400 apartment units, a commercial mall, a bowling centre, office buildings and also acquired some undeveloped land.

In 1989, Ewald persued his own interests and the Katz family and partnership group retained the branding and identity of ESAM. In 1996, ESAM built the Westview Funeral Chapel and Costco and also maintained 2,300 apartment units.

In 2001,  Sam passed away and his children continued his legacy and took on the family business.

In 2011, ESAM sold all their residential property.

In 2015-2016, ESAM developed the land they own on the corner of Oxford and Wonderland into a commercial plaza which includes a Sobey’s and a LCBO.